Hello there and welcome to Digimon Wiki Guild Page this page is shows you a list of the Guilds on the Wiki.

About GuildsEdit

Guilds are consist of a group of users called "DigiDestined" dedicated to gather and assisting articles circled around a single concept or topic.

  • Guilds require confirmation by the current Guild Master to be declared official.
  • Guild founders/leaders are permitted to decide how to run their Guild. The Supervisor won't normally intervene unless the group is breaching policy or he or she feels that intervention is necessary.
  • Guilds are for improving Fairy Tail Wiki, Social Guilds are permitted, but they must be discussed before creation


Each Guild has a Guild Leader and the second in command the Guild Ace. Only the leader can approve if a user may join the Guild.

Digi DestinedEdit

Users are supported by the Administrators in regards to their specific edit categories. Mages are asked to engage in the regular upkeep and editing that would be expected of any user. Being a member is largely informal and user are only asked to help in their respective groups when they are able.

Guild BadgesEdit

Digimon Wiki's GuildsEdit

Here are some of the Guild that are currently goung underway.

  • Digi Pics Guild
  • Story Summary Guild
  • Grammar Correction Guild
  • Fighting Summary Guild